The S3 Zones Network – Park Zone is a network of privately owned parking facilities within the Southern Africa region and spreading to various regions. The company head office is in Johannesburg, South Africa with country and regional offices in different countries.

The company was established in 2018 to facilitate the need for safe and secure parking in a transit or temporary location while clients attend to other business and personal programs like meetings, parties, family gatherings etc. (No more parking on the streets) 

Ideal facilities are identified and include housing premises with enough parking space, office parking areas, premises near schools and recreational or sporting facilities (without enough parking space.) Also neighbourhoods for visitors to the area (family meetings, church and social or political gatherings).

Facility owners register and join the network by availing their facility to be part of the network of facilities. These facilities are registered and they become part of the global network of facilities. Once the facility is registered it becomes accessible and the owner starts to earn an income as clients make use of the facility. Facility owners have a choice when their facility is made available for client use.



To build a network that will make every available space a transit park zone that frees up people for other business.


Our mission is to network and link property and facility owners and clients who need freedom to park vehicles as they conduct other businesses in a particular location.